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Welcome to AvantWireless

The leading provider of high-quality, high-speed wireless internet service in Reno, Washoe Valley, Spanish Springs And now Palomino Valley, Pleasant Valley, Lemmon Valley, and Stead!.

  • Speed: Faster than DSL.
  • Reliability: Always connected 24/7.
  • Customer Service: Extraordinary.

We require our customers to have their own firewall, as part of a thorough understanding of Internet Security. This article from Wired.com explains why: Time Warner Cable Exposes 65,000 Customer Routers to Remote Hacks.

How many other DSL and cable routers are out there that have the same issues? ALL DSL and Cable routers have some sort of control from the Internet side.

This is a long article about your Netflix performance and why Netflix looks at you not as a customer but a weapon to get what they want: Netflix holds customers hostage to get its way.

"We Love you guys!! Thank you so much!" Dudley Family, Spanish Springs.

" Just wanted to send you a note thanking your for the great service. After dealing with Hughesnet for the last 18 months, it was refreshing that when I had an issue after the recent wind storms and I called for support, you answered the phone and greeted me by name. Not only that, but you drove out to the transmitter site and had my issue fixed in less than a couple of hours! Amazing! Thanks again, " Brent Dowell, Palamino Valley.

This Article is from the Huffingtonpost. If this describes you, then you will understand why our customers love us and think that Customer Service is the most important part of being an Internet Service Provider.

If you want to understand why we set up our customers routers, here is the reason. In the comments they discuss the best routers to use and point out why we recommend the ASUS AC1750 WiFi Router (RT-AC66U B1). . The article is about 300K routers that have been hacked. .

Avant Wireless Highly recommends that you avoid using Internet Explorer. This Article from USA Today discusses why..

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